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About Us

About eNet Web Services

About eNet Web Services

Founded in 1990, eNet Web Services specializes in focusing on designing, developing and promoting small businesses on the web. Our company is dedicated to the small and medium businesses we serve daily with professional design, excellent customer service, network security, software installs, and results that matter. Not only can we help you grow your business, we can help you learn about your competition, promote your business, and design your success.

eNet Web Services, has been involved with the internet industry since 1990. eNet has dedicated our business to providing the latest SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, web development methodology, and management and IT solutions. Our expertise extends from national projects, aimed at national optimization to local pinpoint SEO work. It was natural evolution for eNet to bring IT solutions and network security to our clients. Not only have we helped promote national brands, we have achieved first page Google presence for small businesses like landscapers and physicians in their hometown where they want to be found. eNet offers web building to software onsite installations while securing client networks.

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One-Stop Shop

eNet Web Services is a one stop shop for all of your web design, SEO, IT, networking and web management needs. Since the business started, we have grown tremendously in the services we offer. From web building and SEO, to web management and IT services, eNet does it all and with little to no competition. Our years of expertise show when our technicians perform all of your web, computer and networking needs. Don’t settle for companies that only offer half of what you need when eNet offers it all.

Our Philosophy – Realistic Expectations

Building and maintaining a website is a complicated process, and doing it wrong can often be worse than not doing it at all. Having an attractive website that cannot be found serves no advantage, purpose, or functionality to your business. Here at eNet Web Services we want to build you the best website possible, but we also want to make sure you know that it is not an easy task. Think of it this way: when you start going to the gym, it takes roughly three to four months to get in shape, but a lifetime to stay in shape. You need to spend a few hours a week working out, and you need to do different work outs for different results. This idea is the same when you are maintaining a website. It doesn’t take long to build, but it takes a lifetime to maintain. You need to focus on different areas of design and SEO techniques for the best end results (i.e. being found on the first page of Google or having a well designed, useful website). After building a site, you cannot just leave it alone.

If you don’t have original content, and don’t maintain the SEO then chances are your website will not be found on the first page of Google. At eNet Web Services, we aim to create realistic expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you build and maintain a website good enough to be found on the first page of Google, which is why we have created and proudly own http://www.firstpagegoogle.com.

Here at eNet Web Services we offer simple, no hassle pricing. Our block pricing, such as buy 10 hours or more for $160/hour, allows us a block of time to collaborate, discuss, and create the website you’ve been dreaming about. Many of our competitors will quote you a fixed price for building your website, often times adding an additional 25% to the cost as their safety net. We do not believe in working that way. When we meet with you, we can evaluate your website and give you the best estimate possible for how many blocks of time we believe you will need. Operating in this manner allows us to give you a great website, at the most competitive prices around, and allows for more creativity and the ability to cut your costs. We realize the importance of building a relationship and creating a strong foundation with our clients. Our no hassle pricing creates a window of opportunity: the faster we collaborate and work, the more money you can save.

“The highest compliment our clients can give is the referral to their friends and family.”
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