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Website Hosting

Keep Your Website Safe And Secure With Us

eNet Web Services Hosting Options

eNet Web Services offers web hosting so you can run your business with peace of mind.

For affordable web hosting for your small business website, there is no better option than eNet Web Services. We keep your site up to date, monitor security, keep daily backups, and take extra measures to ensure your website’s security.

Premium Secure Hosting with Scheduled Backups

At eNet Web Services, we work with many different types of Website platforms and content management systems (CMS). Our servers are able to be configured to ensure your website is staying as secure as possible. We offer premium hosting where we keep your site up to date, resolve any conflicts, and protect against common types of attacks.

The ever-evolving landscape on the internet demands constant tweaking to make sure your site is abiding by the latest SEO strategies. Our affordable WordPress hosting is made even more useful if you combine it with an SEO strategy for your business website.

Offline Backups

Recent developments in the realm of cybersecurity are making people more aware of the risks in today’s digital world. As everything from your fridge to your doorbell come online, the convenience has come with vulnerability. As oil pipelines and your car learn to talk to each other in a language far outside the scope of the human mind, old technologies are proving to be a dependable fallback. When the UK hospital network was hit by WannaCry ransomware in May of 2017, thousands of appointments were cancelled. Ambulances rerouted, some on their way to actual emergencies. We here at eNet realized quickly that we must protect ourselves from such threats with a way that ensures recoverability.

Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

Due to the WannaCry attack, most hospitals worldwide (especially those of the NHS) now implement backups that are off the network, so any attack can be undone. We implemented the same system. Short of chiseling your website in bytecode upon the mountains, we’ve got the next best thing. We back up sites that are on our server daily, and put copies onto physical storage every month. This storage is offline, and cannot be touched by ransomware attacks such as WannaCry. The entire internet can disappear, but you can rest assured that when it comes back online your site will be there.

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    Sitelock And SSL Certificates


    If you need extra security (if you process credit cards on your website for example) we recommend you upgrade to SiteLock Website Security. Ask us if we can add SiteLock functionality to your website.

    SiteLock offers its own Web Firewall, Malware Scanning, Automatic Removal, and a slew of other options to keep your business website secure.

    SSL Certificates

    We offer SSL certificates for your website. No website can accept credit card numbers without this, so if you need an eCommerce store, this is a must! Your business website will also benefit in Search Engine Rankings with a SSL certificate.

    Website Design & SEO Company and Services for eCommerce


    eNet Web Services offers a number of additional services associated with web hosting. If what you need isn’t mentioned here, feel free to give us a call anyway – we have implemented a lot of custom solutions over the years that are not mentioned here.

    Secure Offline Backups

    Our servers back up hundreds of sites daily. We also do backups before big updates to ensure stability on your live site. Other web solutions have different frequencies of backups and may require manual setup.

    As an additional peace of mind, we keep local on-site backups that we take monthly, so if certain hosting companies cease to exist or experience security catastrophies we can recover sites on other servers.

    Development Servers

    Interested in adding a large feature or a redesign without affecting your live site while you see how it looks for yourself? This is built-in with our hosting so we can quickly replicate your site to work on a development version together.

    Site Migration

    While we recommend that you host your website with us, there may be reasons why you choose not to, for example, if you own a server of your own. We have a lot of experience implementing our websites on 3-rd party hosts. Because our development process is optimized for our servers where the projects are built, launching on them is quick compared to third-party hosts. Launching elsewhere always takes more time because of this. Depending on the complexity of the target host, the time this takes varies quite drastically.

    If your current host is out of date or insecure, it may not be able to run the most modern, up-to-date installations of WordPress, among other things. If this is the case we will work with you to find you the solution you need for the best security and to achieve your business goals.
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