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Premium Package for Web Marketing & Security

Maximize Your Business’s Online Presence & Market Share with eNet’s Premium Web Services Package!

Website Marketing & Security Services

Your All-in-One Package for Web Hosting, Security, SEO, Social Media, and Marketing

When it comes to paving the way for your business to succeed online, it can be a hassle to develop a strategy and manage every small detail yourself. After all, everything from your website’s SEO to social media posts will have to work together in a coordinated manner to contribute to its success in the long run. It’s with these considerations that eNet Web Services is proud to offer a bundle of premium web services that will give your business the push it needs to succeed online. To yield a positive ROI and let your business thrive, there’s no greater and more convenient means than utilizing our premium web services! Included in this package is everything your business’s website will need to be found online, while staying secure.

How Our Premium Web Marketing Services Work with Your Budget

  • Our premium web services start at just $150/month. We recommend a minimum of 3 hours/month for ongoing SEO, Google My Business management, & social media services. Historically, our most successful clients have spent between 5 to 8 hours/month for these services. 
  • No contract or long term commitment
  • Cancel any time with 30 days notice
*Our goal is for you to see a positive ROI right before you decide to go long term with our premium services and increase your monthly expenditure.

What’s Included in eNet’s Premium Services Package?

Web Hosting and Security

Secure Web Hosting

Keep your website hosted on a secure platform, with regular scheduled security scans, updates, and offline backups.

SEO and Web Marketing Services

Ongoing SEO

Get your website found and acquire more web traffic. eNet’s ongoing SEO services will give your website the extra push it needs to appear above the fold in organic search results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management & Embedding

Let eNet keep all of your business’s social media accounts up to date with regular posts promoting your products & services. We can embed your social media feeds directly on your website.

Google Marketing Management & Security

Google Management & Advertising

eNet will help manage the tools for your business’s online success, including Google My Business, Workspace, AdWords, & Google Guaranteed.

Newsletters & Email Marketing

Online Marketing & Newsletters

Reach out to your existing customer base with newsletters promoting the latest events and special offers for your business.

Web Hosting & Security

At eNet Web Services, we work with many different types of Website platforms and content management systems (CMS). Our servers are able to be configured to ensure your website is staying as secure as possible. We offer premium hosting where we keep your site up to date, resolve any conflicts, and protect against common types of attacks.

eNet keeps your website protected with regular security updates and scheduled scans for malware, exploits, & hacker/bot activity. Before every major security update, we create a full backup of the site to minimize downtime in the event that any newly-updated plugins are incompatible with the current version of the site. For added peace of mind, eNet will create secure offline backups for your website, which are stored offline and are physically inaccessible to any network or unauthorized party. Our method of creating secure offline backups and storing them off the grid is the only way to keep your website completely safe from attackers.

Web Hosting & Security Services
SEO & Web Marketing Services

Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is no secret that content is the biggest factor in getting your site found – if there’s no content, why would Google or Bing serve your site to a search query? We will work with you to develop content that is properly organized and strongly delivered, so search engines are more enticed to display your website from a search query that is directly related to your content.

Local site optimization is extremely important in today’s crowded marketplace of dentists and other dental/orthodontal practices. Local visibility with tools like Google My Business is incredibly important to businesses with a local focus. We at eNet Web Services will help manage and optimize your local presence with our ongoing SEO Maintenance services. These services greatly benefit local & national businesses that want to rank higher in search results and appear on the first page of Google. Our customized approach to organic SEO will maximize your company’s web presence and make a lasting impact on your overall marketing campaign.

Social Media Management & Marketing

We know the importance of advertising, and social media helps to draw from a huge pool of potential clients. As part of our premium web services, we will manage and maintain any social media accounts for your brand or business. This includes developing a brand identity and strategy for your business and promoting your brand through all relevant social networks, with scheduled posts and updates.

In addition to managing your business’s social media, eNet can embed social media feeds directly into your website’s homepage. With social media integration, visitors will always will see the latest news or products when browsing your site. Not only will this add more visual flair to your website, but it can boost your website’s SEO with increased customer engagement.

SEO + Social Media = Market Share ($)

Social Media Marketing & Management
Google Marketing Management Services

Google Marketing Management Services

Google My Business

eNet Web Services can create and manage Google My Business listings for your business, targeting multiple service locations, even without your actual business address being shown. Not only does this allow your business to be displayed above search results, but it also allows for customer reviews to be posted for your products or services, letting visitors see just how great your business is. eNet will in keep your Google My Business updated with regular posts and events that showcase your services, completed work, discounts and promotional headlines. We’ll also provide you with regular reports detailing the performance of your website and Google My Business profiles.

Google Ads (PPC)

eNet can manage a Google Ads campaign for your business, as well as other PPC (pay-per-click) solutions. We work with you to figure out exactly where most of your potential customers are searching from, and where to target the ads for maximum profitability for you. Not only can we target specific geographical areas, we can also target specific time slots, so your ads can be set to run in a very flexible schedule.

Newsletters and Online Marketing

Keeping direct contact with your existing client base should always be as high of a priority as gathering new clients. Sending regular updates and newsletters to your clients will keep them informed of new services, offers, and promotions. It can be a hassle, however, to keep track of an email marketing campaign and create suitable content that engages the reader and draws their interest. Luckily, as part of our premium web services, eNet can create and send colorful and appealing newsletters to promote new services, the latest events, and offers for your business. We will manage your email marketing campaign and keep you up to speed on the open & click rates for your campaign.

It should be mentioned that eNet will only send these newsletters to a mailing list consisting of previous or current clients. To avoid being flagged as spam, we strongly advise against buying mailing lists and sending unsolicited messages to non-clients.

Newsletters and Website Marketing
How MessageMax Works

Displayed above is an example of how MessageMax works. Click on the image for a larger view

Get More Google Reviews with MessageMax

MessageMax uses cloud based SMS/Text technology to solve your customer communication needs with our easy to use platform. Customer engagement has never been easier.

  • Imagine requesting Google reviews from only happy customers and getting a private survey from those few unhappy customers. MessageMax makes it easy to leave reviews.
  • Extend your marketing dollar – Use MessageMax to text your customers about sales and special promotions
  • Communicate and communicate often with your customers.

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Web Marketing and Internet Security Services

“In order to succeed and keep your business appearing above the fold in this competitive market, you will need to make use of our premium web services.”

Ron Shur
Founder of eNet Web Services

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