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Get More Google Reviews

More Reviews = More Trust

Having lots of excellent reviews for your business is guaranteed to snowball you into success in your market. By having more reviews over a long time and higher ratings, you can find more people walking in your door to do business with you. Trust is essential for business, and by having reviews where people give you credibility and reliability, your reviews can be a pillar for your sales department.

According to public research, over 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

Important for Search Engines

More reviews has more benefits than just increasing trust for your potential customers. Many search engines can use your ratings to rank your website when people search for keywords that are related to your business. This in turn can have adverse effects on the number of visitors for your website and your clientele.

Google for example, can recommend you organically, without having to pay for advertising, when people search for keywords that can be directed towards you, in a competitive market. If you have excellent reviews on google that outshine your competitor’s. 


Generate more Leads

At eNet Web Services, we specialize in helping businesses like yours attract more customers and build trust through the power of Google reviews. With our expert digital marketing and social media strategies, we can make sure your business stands out from the competition.

We can help you gain more reviews for your Google Business profile and reap its benefits within less than a week. Technology has made life easier for everyone, and you should use it to make it easier for your business!



Generate More Leads
Get more Google My Business Reviews

How to get more google reviews

Getting more Google reviews will require a marketing plan for your specific industry. Getting more Google reviews relies on your relationship with your client at the end of the sale of a service or product. Good Google reviews are the result of a good customer-end experience. Getting more Google reviews relies on creating a funnel to your Google reviews page. Your Google reviews page contains a link that directs clients to your page in the form of any virtual avenue you wish! You could link it to a button on your website, create a QR code, or use Text Message Marketing. You could dedicate a page for testimonials and attach the review link. Social media is an excellent non-website-related review resource. Posting stories and media containing review campaigns is a great way to receive more review traffic. Word of mouth direct to clients asking for reviews may seem tedious, yet it has a tremendous success rate. If that seems too pushy in your eyes as a business owner, text campaigning for Google reviews is the next best option. Text Campaigns reach out to clients thanking them for business and simply asking for a review! Most clients will leave reviews when you take the time to make it even easier for them as the end user. Remember, getting more Google reviews goes hand in hand with consumer accessibility. Making it simple and smooth to leave a review quickly is the best chance you will have in scaling your Google reviews!

Thriving local businesses have what it takes to rank on Google.

Do You?

How To Delete Google Reviews?

Based on Google’s policies and guidelines, there is only one way to delete a bad Google Review if it violates Google’s Review Policies. Google receives an overwhelming number of these Flagged Reviews daily, so this process is often strenuous. Deleting a Bad Google Review is possible; however, there are things that the individual and business must keep in mind. The first step in Deleting a Google Review is approaching the customer who left it. Google’s interactive platform allows companies to approach customers who have left a negative Google Review and ask why they left a Bad Google Review. This process, however, does not always work, and the Negative Google Review may stay posted. 



How To Delete Google Reviews
How To Increase Google Reviews

How to Increase Google Reviews

The best course of action to Increase Google Reviews is the following steps: sharing a review platform via email, text, and other forms of shareable content. Another step in Increasing Google Reviews is having a noticeable review link on your webpage accessible to whoever is browsing your site. Another option to Increase Google Reviews is asking the customer or business to leave feedback on your page through email, SMS texting, and other forms of personal affiliation. Another option to Increase Google Reviews and Feedback, which is growing increasingly as technology advances, is through social media. Social media and Increasing Google Reviews go hand in hand if done correctly. Lastly, engaging with on-site customers is one of the easiest ways to Increase Google Reviews because it is done immediately and without the hassle of navigating various pre-mentioned pathways. Increasing Google Reviews can be feasible if the proper steps talked about are put into action. For specific industries, Increasing Google Reviews may be easier than others. It is essential to focus on a strategy that works to Increase Google Reviews and continue to grow. 

What is a Google Review Link?

A Google review link is a unique link provided by Google for business owners to copy and use with the intent of creating links to their Google My Business page. A Google review link can be used in multiple ways to generate traffic to your Google My Business profile. Your personal Google My Business Profile will be where your clients can leave reviews for your business. A properly utilized review link can make or break your Google ranking for local listings. Proper utilization of a Google review link can be the difference needed when it comes to generating new business. Buttons, blogs, print media, and digital media can all be forms of use when it comes to your personalized Google review link.



What is a Google Review Link

Let’s Get You More High Quality Google Reviews

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