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Ron Shur

Business Owner

Ron Shur, owner of eNet Web Services, has been involved with the internet industry since 1990. He has dedicated eNet Web Services to creating the perfect mix of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, IT solutions, web development, and web management services methodology, successfully trademarking the phrase “The internet made easy”. He started the National Financial News Service in 1992, reporting mortgage news in the newsprint media, i.e. the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times and 300 others across the United States. In 2006, Ron sold the National Financial News Service and all of its domains to focus solely on web design.

Nick Potapov

General Manager, Lead Developer, Designer, Security Analyst

Nick Potapov has been with eNet Web Services for 5 years, specializing in an array of areas. Nick serves as a vital employee to the business due to his many areas of expertise. Working in-office, Nick focuses on just about every aspect of web design that we need. His years of experience in the field show when he is building websites, developing projects, and analyzing security issues.

Matt Miller

Web Developer & Content Creator

Matt Miller is a vital member of the team here at eNet. From developing websites, designing logos, or following SEO best practices Matt can do it all. Matt has been a fast learner and always steps up to the plate when needed. Some of his specialties are WordPress Design and SEO, however, he keeps expanding his knowledge by keeping up to date with current trends and best practices in the industry.

Matt Robinson

Project Programmer, Network Technician, On-site Management Services

Matt Robinson has been with eNet Web Services for 4 years, specializing in programming and network technology solutions. Working both in the office for projects and on-site for technical support, Matt’s skill set speaks for itself. At eNet, Matt is responsible for handling all technical aspects of our projects. He translates programming languages to write codes and markups for all of our web design and programming projects.

Morgan Amabile

Content Specialist/Author, Project Designer

Morgan Amabile has been with eNet Web Services for 1 year, specializing in website content creation and project design. At eNet, Morgan is responsible for the creation of original content on websites, as well as any design projects that may come her way. Working as just one of our talented writers, Morgan’s writing skills allow her to create original content for your site, ensuring that your website stands out significantly from your competitors’.

Ryan Dunn

Graphic Designer

Ryan Dunn has been with eNet Web Services for 5 years, working as our in-house graphic designer. Ryan specializes in designing layouts of art and designs for our clients, paying close attention to detail of size, font, style, and any other aesthetic concepts you may request. He bases all designs off of the expectations of our clients, incorporating their own personal design preferences into the graphic designing done for their sites.

Cary Jay

Lead Technical Specialist, Security Management Services

Cary Jay has been with eNet Web services for 8 years, working as our technical specialist. As our most advanced programmer, Cary can solve any issues that arise. His years of expertise in the field set him apart from all others, making him one of eNet’s most important assets.

Jon Iannacone

Video Production Supervisor

Jon Iannacone is an international filmmaker and videographer from the featured documentary, “From Two Sticks”. He brings over 10 years experience in video production and content creation to our eNet team. eNet is able to offer professional video production services at your location or in our office.

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