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Business Video Services

Stand Out from the Competition with Professional Business Videos Produced by eNet in West Chester, PA

Producing Videos for Business Storytelling

Telling real business legends is our passion. We use the power of business video storytelling to help businesses in West Chester, PA develop by sharing their distinctive stories and important messages. We accomplish this by producing video assets that enhance your brand’s online visibility and help your business stand out. We think that by utilizing an authentic storytelling strategy that is based on the premise of having real interactions on camera, not scripted handshakes, and no rigid scripts, our clients may feel comfortable sharing their most genuine stories.

We work hard to fulfill our brand promise of “Business Storytelling” because we are passionate about telling stories. made simpler.

A Simplified Approach

to business storytelling in West Chester, PA

We think that every company on the planet, no matter how big or small, ought to have a brief video that artistically highlights the unique selling points of their brand on their home page. Keep that important visitor on your homepage; don’t let them exit. We provide you with the best possible video services for your website, social media, and marketing in West Chester, PA.

Our Clients that Utilize the Power of Video.

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Our Business Video Strategy Process

Our Process for a Business Video Strategy for You

  1. Evaluate the Fit – Let’s have a conversation. We won’t proceed with the project if we don’t believe we can exceed your expectations and provide the most value.
  2. Determine Challenges and Opportunities: Video is an effective medium for both problem-solving and opportunity-exploitation. Together, let’s identify them.
  3. Capture all the details: No strict or restrictive scripts. Telling your narrative and being genuine are two of the main goals of our production strategy..
  4. Creatively Slice the Story – We will mold your narrative to draw in clients and staff who are a great fit for your company nationwide or in West Chester, PA.

A Simple Yet Effective Approach Creating Video Content  

A simple and affordable way to create lead-generation video content is to utilize our b-roll content options. B-roll video creation consists of mass media content with a one-day video shoot. Our professional videography team will come to you and shoot tons of b-roll! Say goodbye to stock photos and videos on your website and social media platforms. Online studies show that your target audience would rather see your media versus stock media, portraying your text as a visual. Here at eNet, we feel a comfortable communication of those resources is key. Utilize stock imaging to highlight the less meaningful imagery and real content creation to cover the essentials. Let your clients get a feel for who they’re working with. Share your story in the form of a silent or voiceover b-roll.


A Short Film intended for content use for Phils Famous Pizza in Berwyn, PA.

 Who is B-roll video content creation meant for?

  • Our clients would rather not be vocal/ memorize scripts in videos.
  • Clients who are searching for original content creation yet have a tight budget. (Storytelling can be completed in this form of media here at eNet via voiceover)

Professional DJI Drone Videography Services

DJI drones are the drone industry’s leading choice for their premium drone capabilities. When it comes to capturing 4k videography in the air, you will need a company that has the resources needed to deliver cutting-edge productions. Here at eNet, we exclusively use DJI products for Drone Videography. Our highly skilled drone videographers can meet with you and discuss your cinematic vision in the air. We are confident with our pilot skills and are happy to tackle any project at any altitude. We commonly capture the outside of local shops, restaurants, and factories. Drone footage is a great way to characterize your company’s location & surroundings uniquely.

Drone Content is Commonly used for :
Homepage Sliders
Landing Pages
Social Media Platforms

One of West Chester’s Best Video Services

You get a collection of business video assets with our All-Inclusive Package in West Chester, PA to assist you with every aspect of your business narrative. In order to achieve this, we produce video assets that maximize your brand and online visibility while also making your business stand out. When compared to standard video filming and production solutions in West Chester, PA we think our Full Inclusive method is more affordable, significantly less stressful for your business, and produces far more genuine and significant outcomes.

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What does our All-Inclusive Business Video Package include?

Once we have the raw video, we 

After we capture the footage, or the clay if you will, we review and edit – extracting all the compelling content to create a library of the following authentic business video assets:

  • Branding Video – Utilize this to enhance your website’s homepage or incorporate them into your direct marketing campaigns.
  • Company Culture Video – Use these for associate and employee recruitment, hiring, and retention. Along with your digital recruiting jobsite partners, these can also be utilized as effective recruitment tools..
  • Your Services and Products – Use these to draw attention to your main offerings and provide justification for why your ideal target client would require them. These are perfect for your website’s Services page.
  • Leadership Profiles – Employ these to establish a human connection and rapport with important leaders in your company..
  • Video Clips – Use these ten to fifteen one-minute videos for presentations, lobby TVs, email campaigns, social media feeds, and more..
  • Customer Testimonial Videos – Utilize them both on your website and at the locations of your clients testimonials.

Most Requested Business Videos

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Products & Services
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Culture

If you are not quite ready for our one day All Inclusive approach, you can always engage with us in an a-la-carte fashion, choosing any individual business video offering you may need. Check out these Digital Videos we produced with B-roll. Have an office that isn’t ready for the camera? Consider this effective video method.Don’t see the kind of video you’re looking for on the list above? We’re happy to work on a custom request for you. 

Digital Video Production by eNet Web Services

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