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AdWords (Pay-Per-Click)

Target Your Future Customers

PPC Advertising

Flexible Advertising for Your Website and Business

Competition in online advertising is more intense today than it has ever been. Google AdWords, as well as other PPC (Pay-Per-Click) solutions, provide an excellent platform to target the exact customers you want. You need the edge over your competition, and our management of your AdWords and other PPC campaigns can give it to you!

Daily Budget Monitoring

We will make sure the budget that you set for a month will be spent with a daily limit. This way too many clicks will make your ad stop appearing for the duration of the day.

Your monthly budget is automatically divided by 30 to produce a daily limit. However we start out bidding lower than your daily budget to make sure that none of the clicks on your ads come from unexpected geographic locations. In the beginning phase of an AdWords campaign, typically a week or less, the daily limit will be adjusted to spend the remaining funds equally.

Precise Targeting

We work with you to figure out exactly where most of your potential customers are searching from, and where to target the ads for maximum profitability for you.

You may consider where your potential clientele would search for your services – at work or at home? We can target both areas. Whatever the case, we will work with you to figure out exactly where your leads are coming from, and optimize your geographical targeting for the best results.

Not only can we target specific geographical areas, we can also target specific time slots, so your ads can be set to run in a very flexible schedule.


Potential customers who visit your website may be shopping around, and while they leave your site, they are very close to being sold. So target ads at people who have already visited your site, or did something specific on it. We can implement re-marketing in almost every industry; keep in mind that the medical field is one exception.

Google AdWords

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