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Google My Business

Posts, Messaging, & Customer Reviews

Google My Business Management

Your Google My Business listing has never been more important!

When users search Google for your business, you want them to be able to find all of the information they need relatively quickly and easily.
This gives you more of a chance that they will use your business for their needs. Google My Business allows you to manage and provide the most important information regarding your business, and keep that information up to date.

Google My Business will give you the edge that your competitors may not have. It not only allows your business to show up high in search results, but it also allows for customer reviews to be posted for your products or services, letting visitors see just how great your business is.

eNet Web Services can create and manage Google My Business listings for your business, targeting multiple service locations, even without your actual business address being shown.

As Google My Business becomes ever more important for mobile searching, making sure your Google listing is verified and updated is becoming a must for small business success.

Insights on Search Activity and Customer Actions

Google My Business provides you with a comprehensive report on how many people are searching for your business, and how many have seen your business featured while searching for a related product or service in their area. Also displayed for each Google My Business location are the monthly/quarterly counts for how many people have visited your website, requested map directions, or have called your business via the call button.

As a client of eNet Web Services, you will receive regular reports detailing the performance of your website and Google My Business locations 

Using Posts for Maximum Advantage

Another very useful feature of Google My Business is Posts. They are only designed to last 7 days, so consistent updates are a must to reap the rewards of this new feature.

eNet will assist in keeping your Google My Business relevant with regular posts and events that showcase your services, completed work, discounts and promotional headlines.

Google My Business Insights
Google My Business

So will it help me get on the first page of Google?

Well, it can certainly increase those chances! When you create a properly optimized Google My Business account, it can drastically increase where and how your business appears in Google search results.
When you become one of the businesses on the first page of Google, you will drastically increase the traffic to your website, therefore increasing the traffic to your business.

Thriving local businesses have what it takes to rank on Google.

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