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Cybersecurity & Offline Backup Services

The only way to keep your website business safe from ransomware attacks

“Over 45% of small & medium businesses have been victims to ransomware attacks”

The Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks and Ransomware

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about it all over the news. The threat of ransomware attacks has only become fully realized by the general public following the devastating WannaCry attacks in 2017, and more recently, the Colonial Pipeline attack in June 2021. To make matters worse, former CEO of Cisco Systems, John Chambers, expected that companies across the U.S. will see over 65,000 ransomware attacks throughout 2021. While many of the cyberattacks reported in the news were those targeting larger companies like McDonald’s and JBS, small local businesses are in danger too. A recent survey conducted by Infrascale in 2020 has revealed that over 45 percent of small & medium businesses (SMBs) have been victims to ransomware attacks. With about 30 percent of the surveyed SMBs claiming that they don’t have enough time to explore ransomware solutions, it’s almost inevitable that these businesses will be targeted next if corrective action isn’t taken. To keep your business safe in the modern world, eNet Web Services implements several cybersecurity safety measures for our clients.

How Ransomware Can Affect Your Small Business

When a small business owner sees their website fall victim to a ransomware attack, the damages will vary depending on the type of website and what information is stored and processed on the site. An owner of an eCommerce website that finds itself compromised could lose access to customer data and orders, in addition to access to the website itself. Not only would the downtime of the website result in a severe loss of sales, but any sensitive customer data will very likely be stolen by the hacker(s) behind the attack. Even if your website doesn’t contain a storefront, a ransomware attack will lead to significant downtime and lost revenue when new customers can’t find your website and contact info. Perhaps the worst aspect of a ransomware attack is the fact that there’s no guarantee you will even regain access to your website if you pay the hackers the ransom. Thankfully, ransomware attacks are preventable and under eNet’s secure web hosting services, your website and business will be protected against these common threats. Listed below are some of the additional web security measures eNet will take to protect your business.

How We Safeguard Your Business from Hackers with Offline Backups

In the modern day, when even large-scale corporations can fall victim to a cyber attack, a website can only be fully protected and recoverable when a backup is stored completely offline. In addition to our daily website backups, eNet offers secure offline backups for your website, for added peace of mind. These regularly scheduled backups are stored offline and on-site in a fireproof enclosure, inaccessible to any network or unauthorized party. In the event that a third-party hosting company were to shut its servers down, lose online backups, or suffer from a catastrophic security flaw; having an offline backup will ensure your website is fully recoverable and ready to be transferred to a new secure host with little to no downtime. It must be said that of the many hosting companies eNet has worked with in the past, none have offered such a robust solution for website data recovery.

Additional Cybersecurity Services We Offer

eNet Web Services offers a number of additional services with our secure web hosting to keep your business safe from cyber attacks. If what you need isn’t mentioned here, feel free to give us a call anyway – we have implemented a lot of custom solutions over the years that may not be listed here.

Regular Security Scans & Updates

eNet keeps your website protected with regular security updates and scheduled scans for malware, exploits, & hacker/bot activity. Before every major security update, we create a full backup of the site to minimize downtime in the event that any newly-updated plugins are incompatible with the current version of the site. 

Proprietary Firewall 

eNet Web Services utilizes a proprietary firewall solution with our third-party hosting. This firewall is optimized and fine-tuned to differentiate between good, bad, and malicious web traffic. Certain files and directories on the server are automatically made inaccessible to the public, and any plugins that could potentially expose a website to vulnerabilities or performance issues cannot be installed in the secure environment. This extra level of protection that the firewall provides will maximize your site’s security and minimize the risk of a cyber attack.

Get Started with Keeping Your Website & Business Safe

When it comes to staying protected against cyber attacks and the threats of ransomware, eNet Web Services is here for you and your business. For more information about the measures we take to keep your business safe in the modern age, call our office or use the contact form below.

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