For as long as we can remember, search engines have been thinking of backlinks as popularity votes for a website. Backlinks are links on other websites that lead viewers back to yours, and are voluntary based on the owner of the sites opinion. It is because of this voluntary basis that the more links you are able to put out there, the more credible, useful, and popular your site will appear. SEO has evolved incredibly over the last 5 plus years, and will continue to become increasingly important.

In today’s world, there is an incredible amount of different businesses and individuals fighting for top spots on the internet to get their name out there, and the competition only continues to grow. As with many other things in society today, popularity is a key factor in making something well known. In order for your website to earn trust and credibility with major search engines, backlinks are extremely important. Due to the massive amounts of spam on the internet today, you want to earn as many links from highly ranked and trusted domains as possible to separate you from the rest.

One of the more popular backlink strategies used today are Tier One Backlinks, which are external links directly hitting your website. Links directly hitting your website will cause your site to become more well known due to the amount of people visiting it from these links. Although this strategy is popular, it does not compare to the use of social media to promote businesses. Social media has become a major part in our lives over the last few years, and is now in higher demand for business marketing and promotions. You can link websites to just about any of your social medias, providing a solid platform for your sites popularity.

Backlinks can be, and often is, the most difficult but crucial aspect of SEO. Backlinks force you to create “relationships” with other bloggers or businesses that can help make you known. Similarly to the business world, creating relationships gives other the opportunity to recommend you, trust you and trust you know what you are doing/talking about, and recognize your credibility.

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