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Google My Business Street View

360° Virtual Tour

Google Places, now called Google My Business, has been rolling out new features recently. Taking advantage of these features will give you a marketing edge over your competition.

If you have a physical place of business (store, office, ect.) creating a 360 Virtual Tour is a great way to get noticed. Google users can check out your business for themselves and commit to actually making the journey.

Below is a 360 Virtual Tour of our office in West Chester. New and perspective clients can see that we are a real local web company that is established in the local community. This builds a level of trust, professionalism, and respect, even before our first interaction with the client.

<div class="map-container"><iframe style="border: 0; width:100%;" src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m0!4v1500404719737!6m8!1m7!1sF%3A-uxvlXOIc8iw%2FWW40pM1oWaI%2FAAAAAAAAAX4%2FjKv4X637PS4CkVkH5Jpg0tnJLaCawWjyQCLIBGAYYCw!2m2!1d39.9609405475079!2d-75.60734052211046!3f0!4f0!5f0.7820865974627469" width="400" height="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></div>

Where will my clients see this?

Street View may be seen in Google Maps, Google Search results and the Google Feed on desktop, tablets and smart phones. You can also embed Google Street View on your website, and track engagement with Google Analytics.


This image shows the 360 Street View for our company the way users see it on Google Maps search results. We can make this happen for your business, so get in touch with us to set up your 360 Virtual Tour.



Advantages of having a Virtual Tour

It enables your future clients to navigate finding you and feeling familiar with your place of business before they actual arrive.
It helps to add your presence on the net throughout Google with quality pictures of your business.
Adds premium-quality photography to your presence across Google.

Other Updates to Google My Business

In the summer of 2017 Google rolled out the ability for verified google place owners to create posts and set up messaging on their mobile devices using Allo, the Google chat app.

As Google My Business becomes ever more important for mobile searching, making sure your Google listing is verified and updated is becoming a must for small business success.

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