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Necessary Steps to Take for Your Business to Thrive During a Recession

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Marketing, Newsletter

Make Sure Your Business is Prepared for a Recession

By far, this is the most important newsletter we have ever sent you. With recent concerns around inflation, we at eNet feel it’s more important than ever for you to take action to protect your businesses during these troubled times. With that stated, we would like to remind all of our clients that we offer consulting for business owners who are looking to safeguard their business from a recession. Listed below are some of the steps that we strongly recommend business owners take.

Actions You can Take to Help Keep Your Business Afloat During a Recession:

Expand your business's market area and draw in new customers

Expand Your Market Area

During a tough economy, you may need to consider advertising to new target areas to draw in more clients. eNet can help you fully utilize your Google Business profiles and an SEO strategy for your website that effectively targets these new service areas.

Start offering & promoting new services to generate new revenue

Offer Additional Services

For some businesses, offering new products or services may be necessary to generate revenue during a recession. By carefully considering your target market and pricing your services competitively, you can attract new customers and grow your business.

Embedded Social Media

We can manage your social media accounts and embed your social media feeds directly on your website. This will keep your website updated with new content, serving as the most cost-effective way to improve your SEO.

eNet Social Media & Digital Marketing

Let eNet Assist with Social Media & SEO

Allow eNet Web Services to help manage your Social Media accounts. We will create new posts and events that adhere to the latest marketing trends and embed your social media feeds directly on your website (for improved SEO).

Provide Financing options for your clients & customers

Offer Financing

(Especially for Contractors)

As the contractor, you will be paid up-front in full by the financing company. eNet can assist you in featuring your financing options on your website.

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