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Business Video Services

Stand Out from the Competition with Professional Business Videos Produced by eNet’s
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Video Production Services Company
Producing Effective Video for Business

Producing Effective Video for Business

At Edge of Cinema, our goal is to help businesses design, produce and implement effective video production campaigns. Simply put, we guide you through the production process and help produce videos that not only meet your campaign goals, but generate a return on investment. We start each project with a short creative planning meeting to identify your goals and key massaging. Once we have a clear vision for your video, we’ll capture your story and produce a compelling video that leaves an emotional impact on your target audience.

Since our inception in 2009, Edge of Cinema has approached each unique video production with a simple mindset – your story is our masterpiece.


to video production for business

Whether you’re an experienced marketer in need of a video production and strategy partner, or a start-up looking for help with the launch of a new product or service, Edge of Cinema can help you navigate the production and video marketing process.

Our Collaborative and Strategic Approach to Video Production Ensures Your Video Will Generate Results:

  1. Creative Planning Meeting – We collaborate in a meeting or phone call and map out all of your goals, wants and needs for the project. Our creative directors will work with you to develop a video that not only stands out from the competition, but speaks to your target audience’s needs.
  2. Pre-Production – Once we’ve mapped out our unique strategy for your video campaign, we’ll create the script, shot list and a schedule for the day of production.
  3. Production – Lights, camera, action! With an aligned vision for your video, our
    production team will capture all the content we need to execute your vision.
  4. Post-Production – Following our collaborative outline, our editing team will create a
    finished video that entertains and informs your viewers, but most importantly drives them to action.

Goal-Focused Video Marketing Tactics

Edge of Cinema helps you produce effective video tools to meet your marketing goals, but for
your campaign to reach its full potential, you need to put your new video content in front of your
target audience. Our creative directors will advise you how to make the most of your video once
it’s complete, ensuring you generate your desired results. Our partner eNet Web Services can
ensure you drive a healthy stream of relevant viewers to your business video content.

Learn more about our All Inclusive Package approach in the video below:

What Does a Video Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Every video marketing campaign is unique to your business needs, but the strategy is concrete:

  • Create Strategic Video Content – Following your goals for the project, we’ll create a video that speaks to your audience’s needs.
  • Place Video – Whether your video will be placed on your website’s homepage or a landing page, you need to ensure your video front and center. Supporting website
    content will funnel your audience to contact you as soon as possible. eNet Web Services can help you ensure your website is designed to drive viewers to action.
  • Drive Traffic – Whether through social media advertising, SEO or paid search, eNet Web Services can drive targeted viewers to your video to begin the sales funnel on your website or landing page.
  • Measure Results – By measuring the analytics and performance of your campaign, you can strategically adjust the campaign to ensure viewers are called to action.

Most Requested Video Production Services

● Welcome Video
● Branding
● Storytelling
● Animation
● Sales & Marketing
● Products & Services
● Customer Testimonials
● Social Media Content
● Recruiting & Retention
● Commercial & Television Production
● Documentary Filmmaking

No matter what your video production needs are, Edge of Cinema’s team of creative directors will work with you to produce a video campaign that generates results. Every project is unique, and our strategic approach to storytelling is designed to help you produce a video campaign that exceeds your expectations.

How Can Edge of Cinema Help You?

    Since 2009, Edge of Cinema has been partnering with businesses and nonprofits of all sizes to meet their video production and video marketing needs. Creating effective video marketing campaigns is easy when you have a strategic plan. Tell us about your project and goals, and we’ll advise you how to make the most of your budget and reach your target audience.

    Tell us about your project and we’ll contact you right away to set up a short creative planning meeting.

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