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Eldredge Inc.

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Eldredge Inc. is the largest HAZMAT Disposal company in West Chester and is Veteran Owned. We worked very closely with the marketing team of Eldredge to take their old website and turn it into a more modernized responsive design. This new site has many prominent features that we consider to be our signature designs.

This website was designed to not only target the local area around West Chester, PA but to also extend the reach of Eldredge Inc.

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Eldredge Inc. Website Laptop size preview

Tablet & Mobile View

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To have a website in the mobile age it must be responsive. This means that no matter what device the website is viewed on it will scale properly to make the user experience as smooth as possible. We have achieved this with Eldredge’s website.

Eldredge Inc. Mobile Website preview
Eldredge Inc. Mobile Website preview
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