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Strategy Arts came to us with a specific design made by their in-house designer that they wanted developed into a website. This involved creating almost a dozen different custom page templates for their needs. Very involved hover effects were used to make the site dynamic and engaging.

We worked with them to transpose their design into the web environment, while improving the user experience from their old website. The back end of website was developed for ease of use for their entire company.

Strategy Arts’ consultants engage organizations, build ownership and support for critical decisions, and develop internal capabilities that stay with clients long after their projects finish.

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Tablet & Mobile View

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We created the mobile views based on their submitted designs for desktop versions of their website. While they had a concrete plan for their desktop site, the mobile version had to be derived from what they had, taking into account user friendliness and search engine optimization along the way.

This design collaboration, along with their custom graphics, led to a very pleasing product that is consistently complimented by the client’s peers.

Strategy Arts Mobile Website preview
Strategy Arts Mobile Website preview
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