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Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is Business.

Knowledge is Power. Learning about your competitors, your website, your niche market, your target audience, your past web performance, and the performance of your website as it is is crucial to gaining the edge in the market. Not only do we have the expertise necessary to capture all of this information, we also know how to turn this information into meaningful decisions for your business.

Registrar vs Hosting

When looking to have your own website, understanding the difference between a Registrar and a Hosting provider are crucial. These are the two main factors that contribute to your website being live on the Internet, and knowing what to look out for / stay away from can be the difference between having a very successful website, and one that is down all of the time.

Google Analytics

Do you know the nature of your websites traffic? Google Analytics is an excellent way to track visitors on your website, their behavior, and where they leave your site. Growing numbers mean nothing if the hits are coming from Bulgaria, so it very important that your information is provided clearly, and that it is the right information. Analytics data can be used to inform marketing campaigns, like re-marketing or demographic targeting. This data is also very useful in judging the effectiveness of certain elements on your site – if you have a click-thru-rate higher on one call to action button than another, you know which one people can be expected to click more.
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Site Analysis

Do you have a website that is not performing as well as you expected it to? Is there something wrong on the inside that is causing not to play nice with search engines? Let the professionals help you – we can figure out where there are SEO, structural, or User Experience flaws in your website. We also provide solutions to everything we find, so you can have your peace of site back in mind.
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Competitive Analysis

Are your competitors all doing something you are not? Is there a new development in your market that you didn’t catch? Is the government offering tax rebates on your products and all your competitors advertise it, but you just didn’t know? Is there a need use for your product you didn’t think to market to? Competitive Analysis is an excellent way to catch these problems early, so you can keep up with the competition.
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Did you disappear from Google? Did your site crash? Don’t panic, we’re experts, were fast, just call us now.
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