Know Who is on Your Site

Knowing how end users use your website is extremely important. Analytics can help us track visitors activity on your site; where they go, what do they click, what page makes them leave your site. Already have a website? We can install analytics on your current site! This is a great tool to evaluate what changes you want to make to your site in the future.

Conversion Tracking

By setting up specific goals for analytics to track, you can track various specific events. One popular method is to track how many people fill out a contact form, or play a certain video. Conversion tracking is especially useful when there are several different sources of tracking. In order to be able to judge your ROI on any advertising you need to know what works and what doesn’t. With comprehensive conversion tracking we can delineate different marketing campaigns so everything is tracked.

Compare historical data to track improvements

Compare historical data to track improvements


Know where to target your next marketing campaign

Geographic Data

It is highly valuable to know where your customers or visitors are. This information can be used to drive marketing, content, and outreach strategies.

Here at eNet we can help you set up your analytics to track for the information you need. We can create scheduled reports that automatically get sent to you on a schedule of your choice. We can work with you to figure out what is important to track, and how the data can be used further.

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