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Customer Communication Solutions Courtesy of eNet’s Proud Partner MessageMax

Customer Communication Solutions

Digital SMS Marketing through MessageMax

An Effective Solution for Communicating With Your Customers

If you have visited this page via a text link, you are already at the halfway point to understanding the power of SMS marketing and what MessageMax can accomplish. With MessageMax you can do the following with ease:

  • Get more 5 star Google reviews from happy customers
  • Conduct surveys through text for improving the quality of your services
  • Upsell to existing clients through text

MessageMax uses cloud based SMS/Text technology to solve your customer communication needs with our easy to use platform. Communicate and communicate often with your customers.

How to Get More Google Reviews

  1. Provide Amazing Service
  2. Ask Customers for Reviews
  3. Make it Easy for your Customers to Leave Reviews

MessageMax makes requesting Google reviews a snap.

Message Max will send your customer a text with a link requesting a review, eliminating that awkward conversation.

How Does It Work?

It is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Upload a spreadsheet/list with your customers and phone numbers to the
    MessageMax web page
  2. Enter your Google Review link (or other communication needed)
  3. Press the Send button. Watch your reviews roll in!

MessageMax Value Proposition


(plus 2¢ per text sent)

More Info

Customer Engagement Solutions


A 2011 study conducted by Harvard discovered that an increase in rating of just one star could result in a revenue increase of up to 9%

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