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Let Them Know You’re Open.

During these trying times it is very important to make sure your customers know if you are still open for business. We have already helped countless companies adjust to the current situation in order to keep their businesses running.


Restaurant? Contractor? Attorney? Engineer? Consultant? Healthcare Provider? We Can Help!

Contractor estimates and consultation, telework and work from home

Contractors Open for Business


Use Video Conferencing to provide Virtual Estimates and Consultation

An example section on your website for Contractor Services would show the following:

Step 1

Call Us and Schedule a Free Virtual Estimate

Step 2

Do the Video Conference to analyze the issue

Step 3

Receive Your Estimate*

* Timing will depend on your specific industry

Services Open for Business


Use Video Conferencing to provide your customers with your Professional Specialized Services

Professional services, Telework and work from home

An example section on your website for Professional Services would show the following:

Step 1

Call Us and Schedule a Consultation

Step 2

Do the Video Conference to receive your consultation

Step 3

Engage the Service

Professional services, Telework and work from home

Restaurants Open for Business


Stay Open for Take-Out & Delivery

How can eNet Web Services help Your Restaurant to Stay Open for Business

Set up an Online Payment Service

Add a special menu for Take-Out and Delivery to Your Website

Let your customers show their loyalty with a Gift Card

Let people know you are open for business offering your services remotely

eNet has helped many clients set up Work From Home solutions over the years, and now, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our help is needed more than ever. Many people are being required to work from home, and this may seem like it would cause communication issues and in turn lower a companies productivity, but that does not have to be the case. Here at eNet, we would like to help set you up with a Telework solution and show you how to use today’s available technology to be more productive than ever while working from home. 

Get eNet's help to keep your business thriving

During the Corona Virus outbreak keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

Google Meet

Google Meet is an easy to use service that requires only an active GSuite business account and a computer/phone to be able to use.

Some features of Google Meet:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Simple user interface
  • Use with existing GSuite Business account
  • And More is an ideal service for companies where employees need to share their work or need to be able to provide tech support to employees and clients.

Some features of Google Meet:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Mouse share capabilities
  • Screen Share capabilities
  • Live text chat
  • And More


Nextiva is a VOIP service that allows companies to provide at home phone setups to employees that share the same network. Multiple phones can ring at the same time to ensure no phone call is missed.

Some features of Nextiva VOIP:

  • Individual extensions for each phone
  • Conference Calling
  • Call forwarding and transferring
  • Voicemail to text
  • And More

How this service will work

1.  Promote Your Business

Let people know You Are Open for Business on your website. eNet will find a proper place on your current website to showcase to you clients that
You Are Open!

2. Add a
Call To Action

We will create a specific page with the original content and images describing how you offer specialized
Services Remotely and with our SEO services.

3. Increase Market Share

Expand your services to a Larger Area. Working remotely allows you to assist clients in a broader geographical area.  Estimates and Free Consultations have never been easier.

Contact eNet to help Keep Your Business Going

eNet’s Work from Home / Telework / Video Conferencing Services can help your business during the Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus has many areas of the country temporarily shut down meaning customers aren’t out shopping.  COVID-19 shut downs don’t have to negatively impact your business.  eNet will help your company get set up with a Telecommunication service to keep your business going.

Let eNet help get your business work from home ready.

1.) Ongoing Support To Set Up Telework, Work From Home Video Conferencing.

2.) Create A Call To Action On Your Website Showing Clients How To Communicate With Your Business.

3.) SEO Your Website Enabling New Customers To Find You Offer This Service

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