Coronavirus Business Survival with Web Services

Telework to keep your business thriving with Web Services during the Corona Virus outbreak

eNet’s Web Services Safety Practices against Coronavirus Spread

At eNet Web Services, we take the Coronavirus very seriously and have put in place rigorous safety measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

If everyone works together, we can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our friends and family safe.

Let people know you are

Open for Business 

Offer Your services remotely

1 –

Promotion: Let people know you are open for business on Your website eNet will find a proper place on your current website to showcase to your clients that You are open.

2 –

Add a call of action: Add a specific page describing how you offer remote service.

3 –

Increase market share: Expand your services to a much larger area. Working remotely you can assist clients in a broader geographical area.  Services such as legal, therapists, contractor estimating and more.

4 –

Training: Get trained on how to work from home and keep your business going.

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Telework using internet to keep your business thriving with Web Services during the coronavirus outbreak

Ron Shur
Owner, eNet Web Services

Here’s What We’re Doing

  • Office wipe downs multiple times per day
  • No more than one employee in the office at a time
  • Appointment Only face-to-face meetings
  • Remote video consults for most customers (find us at
  • Mandatory office cleaning after any visitors
Simple Steps to Stay Safe

Practice Social Distancing

Social Distancing can greatly lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Always Wash Hands

Frequently wash hands with appropriate antibacterial soap.

Avoid Touching Face

Try to avoid touching your face. This helps prevent infection.

Use a Tissue to Cough

If you have to cough, use a tissue to prevent spread of COVID-19

Use Our Web Services to keep Your Small Business thriving during Coronavirus Emergency

During the Coronavirus outbreak keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

How the Internet Can Keep Your Business Going During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus has many areas of the country temporarily shut down meaning customers aren’t out shopping.  COVID-19 shut downs don’t have to negatively impact your business.  The below techniques can help keep your business thriving even during this national emergency.

  • Be transparent about your safety practices.
  • Communicate regularly with your clients about what you are doing to protect against COVID-19
  • Make sure your site can be easily found on the internet.  Many customers will be shopping from home so proper SEO is key to success during the shut downs
  • Ensure customers are aware of your Coronavirus safety practices.
  • Display your safety practices prominently on your website.
  • Make sure customers can access your site easily from desktop and mobile browsers.

eCommerce Best Practices

  • Communicate clearly on your eCommerce site precautions being taken to protect the cleanliness of your shipments
  • Ensure customers are well aware of delivery times as the product they are buying might be essential during periods of quarantine.
  • Do the best you can to make your online shopping experience user friendly – remember, this will be the best way to sell your product or service during periods of shut down or quarantine.

    Choose a service that we can provide for you!

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    Key to Business Survival during the Coronavirus Outbreak – Telework

    Now more than every it is important for your financial stability to keep your business going. During these weeks we will all have to face restrictions and respect precautions to guarantee the safety of both Employees and Customers. To help your small business survive these weeks, eNet Web Services will provide services to work remotely from home.

    Teleworking represents a great way to keep your business running and survive the Coronavirus outbreak. As USDA notified, it s necessary to start teleworking if employees work in close proximity. Enet Web Services can provide your business with the right tools to keep working from a safe environment, limiting the repercussions on the financial aspect of your company.

    How to keep your Business going working from home. Set up work from home during Coronavirus outbreak

    Professional Services

    • Avoid in-person meetings when possible
    • Ensure you web-site is up to date with your COVID-19 preparedness
    • Allow employees to work from home where possible


    • It is critically important that your patients know it is still safe to see a doctor.  
    • Ensure your website clearly illustrates the safety measure you are taking at your medical practice to ensure the safety of your patients as well as your staff.
    • Where possible, use video conferencing for medical consults.
    • Limit staff in the office where possible
    • Ensure offices and waiting areas are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day.


    • Ensure your website is up to date with your COVID-19 safety steps.  Customers need to know you are taking the virus seriously and taking appropriate steps to protect them.
    • Opt for over the phone (facetime, google hangouts, etc.) consultations where possible.
    • Reduce sharing of tools, equipment, etc
    • Ensure work vehicles and construction equipment are regularly disinfected.
    • Allow managerial employees to work from home
    • Reduce in person visits where possible.


    • With many people practicing social distancing, eCommerce is a vital part of people’s day-to-day life.
    • Ensure your site is accessible and you can keep up with demand.
    • Ensure your employees are practicing COVID-19 safety.
    • On your eCommerce site, make sure you present a clear message about your COVID-19 safety practices.
    • Ensure customers understand packages they receive will be treated with care in an effort to not spread the virus.
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