SEO Policy

Easier Said than Done

Appearing at the top of search results on the first page of Google is critical to the success of any web site. Our industry experts can help your site rank higher. We can help drive traffic instantly with Google AdWords management, or help achieve long-term SEO goals with organic optimization. Every category or service is different as far as competition, along with how large of an area you wish to be found. Naked terms versus using town names and services also come into play. A naked term is for example, “roofing” versus “roofing contractor in West Chester”. SEO needs to be analyzed from numerous factors to name a few, mobile compliance guidelines, content similarity, readability, and site depth. Often you may have multiple ways a consumer will search for your service. Using the example of a contractor,contracting or services. A company that offers multiple services such as bathroom remodeling, additions, Renovations, etc. each of those services can broken down to their own page or even further. SEO comes down to time needed to build specific pages for that exact topic. Realistic Expectations must be realized. Can’t build a site let’s say one time to do it all. Very much like working out to get a great body 48 hrs all at one time doesn’t do that. Exercise weekly is the painful honest truth. The same is so for SEO. Companies charge monthly fees depending on the site and the competition level. We have found it may take multiple iterations to build a site and then a monthly fee range biased on site and competition level of the targeted keywords.

Why can’t you guarantee exact results?

No one has an on/off switch for search engine rankings. There are millions of sites out there that are updating their content all the time. We can only help your site have more of a fighting chance among its peers, and do that with precision, expertise and grace. If you want to guarantee fast results, you can pay to secure the top spots using Google Adwords. That is a pay per click system, where you bid on how much a click costs for certain keywords.