Our Policy

Payment Policy

eNet Web Services payment policies and procedures are as follows. We charge in 10-hour blocks with a 15% percent discount for veterans only. The rate is $125/hour for a 10-block or higher estimate. Anything less than 10 hours will be charged at a $135/hour rate. Our time estimates include all of the time spent on the project, including planning, design, development, correspondance, meetings, training, and testing.

eNet Web Services charges for services and we do not allow refutes or refunds on these services. If a client chooses (on the rare occasion) to leave eNet, we give them all of the work we did on their behalf to pass on to another provided if needed. Any passwords or usernames will also be provided to ensure a seamless transition.

Once eNet Web Services reaches the next 10-hour block the client’s credit card or payment option on file will be charged for the full 10 hours or the minimum 5-hour block, depending on the estimated time for completion of work.

Account Policy

Unless specific arrangements are made, eNet Web Services is not responsible for expiring accounts that belong to you. It is your responsibility to pay any registration/hosting/other agreements that you entered into with any third party. eNet does not automatically take on these responsibilities when you become a client.

If you are on a server/hosting provided by eNet, we may have to do improvements to the host at times. We may even have to upgrade to keep you at market rate speed. As networking capabilities grow worldwide, we want to offer you the top of the line servers. Due to this ever-changing landscape, we may need to change the A record on your domain to ensure security, speed, and reliability.

Why can’t you guarantee exact results?

No one has an on/off switch for search engine rankings. There are millions of sites out there that are updating their content all the time. We can only help your site have more of a fighting chance among its peers, and do that with precision, expertise and grace. If you want to guarantee fast results, you can pay to secure the top spots using Google Adwords. That is a pay per click system, where you bid on how much a click costs for certain keywords.

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