Do you have a website that doesn’t seem to be getting much traffic or attracting any new customers? We know exactly how to help. One of the biggest problems people seem to have with their sites not getting enough traffic is how the community is searching for them or their business on the web. Very

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You may be looking at this post thinking “well I already have a website that works, that’s all it takes!” Unfortunately, simply existing is not all it takes. So what does it take to have a successful website in 2016? When you look at your website, you see pages. You may see links that lead

When most people think of the term ‘design’, they tend to think about the color scheme, font, etc. on their website. While that is all part of the design process when building a website, there is a wide variety of other factors to take into consideration for the full design of a website. You do

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In today’s world, we rely on our smart phones for just about everything. We check social media sites, emails, text messages, and even online shop on our phones today. That being said, mobile compatibility and mobile searches are taken into consideration more so than desktop compatibility and searches when being looked at by Google. When

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Backlinks are links that go from a different website to yours. Because the creation of these links is a voluntary action on the part of that website’s owner, the amount of links can be an excellent measurement of a website’s usefulness and popularity. This is the type of website that Google wants to serve in

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