Design Is Key To Being Found

by | May 15, 2016 | Basics, Design, Newsletter

When most people think of the term ‘design’, they tend to think about the color scheme, font, etc. on their website. While that is all part of the design process when building a website, there is a wide variety of other factors to take into consideration for the full design of a website. You do want your website to directly reflect your business, so yes, your color scheme is important. However, if you want people to find, visit, and stay on your website there are other important key factors.

For people to find you on the internet, you need to use resources such as Search Engine Optimization, backlinks, and social networking. You need to make sure the grammar and punctuation on your site is done correctly. You need titles and descriptions done for your pages, and you need to that know your site functions at an acceptable speed that wont drive customers away. All of these things are crucial to the success of your website.

If you have an unattractive website, you may get some traffic but chances are they will not stay. You want to be able to catch the visitors’ eye so that they have a reason to visit and stay on your site.
If you cannot be found on Google, you may not be gaining any new clients, therefore not benefiting from your site at all. Backlinks, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Networking are crucial if you want to be among the top competitors on the web today.

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