Trying to get a small business to establish a foothold on the internet is not the simplest of tasks. Just to get a website up you have to deal with a lot of different things, and knowing what all of the basic terms mean can help you navigate this process. Our clients have requested that we provide a handy guide so they can educate themselves about the basics of what it takes to run a website.

URL/Domain Name This is the address of your website that you would type into a browser. It looks like this:

IP (Internet Protocol) Address This is a unique address that specific electronic devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network. Your computer you are on right now has one, your smartphone has one, and so does the server where your website sits.

Host/Server Your hosting company provides you with server space to house your website. This handles the bandwidth loads from traffic when then need to access your website.

Registrar This is where you purchase your Domain Name Registration.

Name Servers Name Servers are what tie your Domain Name to your IP Address. If you need to use a different servers for your email and website, you would set the Address Name Server to your Host IP, and your Mail Name Server to your Mail Server IP. That way and can run on separate resources, even from different companies.

CMS (Content Management System) Can you log in to your website and alter what appears on it? If so, you have a CMS installed. This interfaces with a database to store your inputs and display them on the front end of your website.

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