What are backlinks?

by | Aug 9, 2015 | Google, Newsletter, SEO, Uncategorized

Backlinks are links that go from a different website to yours. Because the creation of these links is a voluntary action on the part of that website’s owner, the amount of links can be an excellent measurement of a website’s usefulness and popularity. This is the type of website that Google wants to serve in its search results, so it remains the search engine of choice by providing the most relevant and useful results.

If a lot of relevant and credible websites link to yours, you must know what you are talking about. The amount of effort and labor it takes to create these links alone is a testament to your credibility – why else would others want to take their visitors away from their own websites?

There are two types of backlinks – “follow” and “no follow”. While a mix of both types of links is better for Google’s algorithm since it appears more like a natural link profile, it is important to recognize that “follow” links are more valuable and more sought after since they carry what is called link juice, which is essentially the value of the link. This means a page with many links (like a free directory) is equally distributing its link juice across many links, therefore resulting in hardly any net gain for your website.

Without backlinks your website will be stagnant and never mature to what it should. Backlinks can be acquired in many ways – creating relationships with other relevant websites, participating in relevant forums, submissions to human-reviewed directories, and social media activity. Call eNet Web Services today and we can plan out your backlink strategy today!

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